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Professional DJ and MC Services

Professional DJ’s for Weddings, Corporate & Social Events throughout Quinte West, Toronto & GTA, Mississauga, Halton Hills, Milton, Hamilton and Surrounding Regions.

For all other areas outside of these regions, please inquire.  Specializing in modern, beat-mixing DJ’s playing the music you want to hear.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_icon type=”entypo” color=”black” background_style=”rounded-less” background_color=”custom” size=”xl” align=”center” custom_background_color=”#0033ff”][vc_column_text]

Live & Specialty Entertainment

Live & Specialty Entertainment for Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Parties & Festivals. From solo musicians to small ensembles, bands, tribute acts, themed entertainment, interactive and specialty acts.

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Audio-Visual Event Production Services

Sound, Lighting, Video, Staging & AV Production Services for Corporate Events, Meetings, Conferences, Conventions, Seminars, Galas, Weddings, Festivals, Product Launches, Celebrations & More.

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Toronto/Greater Toronto Areas: (416) 427-LOVE/5683

Eastern Ontario (Belleville, Brighton, Cobourg, Kingston, Picton, Trenton &
Surrounding Areas): (416) 427-LOVE/5683



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3 Common Regrets You Can Easily Avoid, Because There Are No “Wedding Do-Overs”

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css_animation=”right-to-left”]You’ve landed in the right place, because there’s a lot to plan, know and do before your wedding in order to avoid these three common regrets. You’ve probably been dreaming of your wedding day ever since you were little. You envisioned yourself dancing gracefully around in your gown with Prince Charming leading the way. Regretfully, real life does not always gift you the luxury of having a fairytale wedding that goes off without a hitch and some brides wake up the day after with regrets about their choices.

Here are 3 common regrets to avoid and ways that your special day can become all that you dreamt it could be:

  1. Always visit the hall or venue and don’t rely on photos from an ad or Often venues have professional photos taken, and the pros know how to show you ONLY the aspects they want you to see.

For example, one venue where I provided the entertainment, was rustic and very attractive. However, the large rough, wooden beams that stretched across the room caused separation of the guest tables, obstructed clear view of the  speeches and created odd acoustics which effected the dancing and participation in planned activities. That wedding was memorable because of how early it ended and how little interaction there was for the guests.

  1. Plan a minimum of two meetings with each of your wedding As your wedding plans develop, your services should be preparing right along with you. The vendors should honour your choices by asking lots of questions about who you are and what you expect. It’s the responsibility of the services to discover your version of a successful reception, by asking the question ‘Why?’

Being asked ‘Why?’ invites you to explore your story, thoughts and true desires for your special day. This question helps your service provider to get to know you and your family story. Details of your history can contribute to the memorability of the event and add the personal touches that make it special.

When providers take the time to ask, you know they’re going to do a good job.

It’s important that you feel good about the decisions that you’re making, because it’s not just the economic value to be considered, it’s also the year or more of  time that you’ve spent planning your event, as well as your emotional investment.

Imagine how horrible you’d feel as you watch disengaged guests, murmur discontent, and then start to leave the event much earlier than you’d planned.

Now think… what is the true value of your wedding reception? The average cost of a reception in 2016 was $20,000 and it typically lasts 4-6 hours. At that rate, each hour is worth at least $3,333. If a guest leaves a few hours early, the waste is astronomical!

3. A third regret is not truly understanding the kind of function you are

A wedding reception is not a food function, unless you want your guests to leave just after eating. It’s not a floral function, unless you want your guests to smell the flowers and walk away with your arrangements. It’s not a photographic function, or you would only need a nice backdrop in a studio.

So, what IS a wedding reception? It’s a party. Parties are driven by the entertainment you’ve hired, whether it’s a cocktail party or the Academy Awards. Selecting an excellent entertainment service is the insurance that you’ll get to use the full value of all the combined expenses. The entertainment keeps your guests engaged, having fun, and participating until the very end of the event. Therefore, hire the best entertainment for your day, to keep your guests enjoying the festivities.

How can you know that you are hiring the best entertainment?

The best value is an entertainment company with:

  • At least 5 years of hosting and providing music programming specifically for weddings and other functions
  • An extensive, licensed music library that matches the culture and preferences of you and your guests
  • Guarantees that the playlist includes your choice of music and suitable requests from your guests
  • A personal enjoyment of music, as well as dancing, so the crowd can be encouraged to enjoy participating as well
  • Respect for the value of your budget and what you have emotionally invested in planning your special day
  • A willingness to take responsibility for the success of your party and its functions such as: introduction of the bridal party, timely announcements and other customized services
  • Multiple references – that you can contact
  • Backup solutions to cover unforeseen equipment failure
  • Access to many vendors, banquet halls and other services in case of emergency
  • Details of what makes their company (E.g., Being willing to meet, listen and focus on your specific wants, needs, concerns, and answer questions before, as well as during, the reception.)

Nothing stops a party like the wrong music, played at the wrong time or a lack of announcements to direct the guests and make the event run smoothly. Remember the

#1 fear is public speaking – that’s what your entertainment service does well, and it’s a special talent. So, the amount you pay for your entertainment service is directly proportional to the quality you receive, which is also proportional to your party’s success.

Your entertainment should also help you to plan and co-ordinate the reception, bring equipment, read the crowd, program music, control sound board, all while making clear, energetic announcements. So, you can easily see how the entertainment informs, guides and directs the “show.” Your entertainment must take into consideration your guests’ requests, know what people want at different times of the event, offer a guarantee for their work, and be ready to meet or exceed your expectations. They have a responsibility to live up to your vision, because if anything goes wrong they will be blamed, but you’ll forever feel the shame.

Years ago, I was a guest at an event that should have been memorable for all of the right reasons. However, the entertainment service should not have been the area chosen to save money. The event was a total disappointment and a missed opportunity for an amazing experience. Guests complained to the young DJ and then left early. The whole event could have been saved with better scripting, announcements and music programming that encouraged guests to feel good, connect with each other, laugh and enjoy the dancing. It was easy to see how the entertainment could have made the event and sadly for that bride, there were no “Wedding Do-Overs”.

I wonder, has there ever been a great moment in your life that you still think about? Do you want your event to be as memorable?

As a licensed member of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association, I know that designing an extraordinary experience takes time, skill and effort. Together, we can co- create a fun, energetic and memorable moment for you, your family and friends.

Let’s talk about your upcoming event, call DJ Love at 416-427-5683.


“Fall in love with the process, and your dream takes care of itself. “